Ph.D. Program

So, I start work on my Ph.D. on Monday. I haven’t been in a classroom in seven years (on account of getting my Masters Degree through an online program). I’m actually looking forward to being in the classroom again, as opposed to sort of floating out there alone; a feeling that was pretty common as I moved through the online courses at Indiana Wesleyan University. Nothing against the school, but the process of working through higher level course work without any real human contact turned out to be a little less fun then I had originally thought (coming from someone who couldn’t be described as a social butterfly).

In the end I choose Kent State University. My interest in technology was significant factor in the decision making process. The only schools that I could find that offered doctoral degrees combining in some way education and technology were Kent and Ohio State University (within driving distance anyway). Ohio State was appealing simply because it’s rated as one of the top 25 educational institutions in the country. Initially, I was going to apply to Ashland University but my sister (who has already completed her Ed.D. from Teachers College at Columbia University) pointed out these types of programs that integrated education and technology. She pointed specifically to the large number of programs offered at Ohio State. Soon after Ellen’s submission, my father suggested I look at Kent’s program, noting that it Kent is also a good school and is a lot closer than O.S.U. I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

My advisor is interested in the design of online learning programs. After my experiences with the Blackboard software (at IWU), I would agree that there is some work to be done. Here’s to the next couple of years being full of meaningful discussion, real collaboration, and valuable contribution to the field of instructional technology.

I’ll be maintaining a blog as I move through the program. It can be found here.

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