Isaac Update – May 7, 2010

Angie and I talked to the orthopedic surgeon today. He said that “if you are going to have a spinal column abnormality, this is the one that you want.” We will have to monitor it, especially through his first two years and his teenage years where the two major growth spurts occur. We will also have to get Isaac a renal ultrasound and have a heart person listen to his heart at some point in the next two weeks, and set up a follow-up appointment with him for sometime later. I would note that I’ve asked the docs about his urine output, both yesterday and today, and they have said that it’s normal.

The fused ribs formed due to the fact that one side of the vertebrae did not form, so there was no place for it to join to the column. Therefore, the vertebrae that would have connected to the missing side of the vertebrae has, instead, joined the vertebrae above. The doctor doesn’t think this will be an issue. If at some point the hemivertebrae leads to significant curvature, he would do a small fusion rather than trying to remove the hemivertebrae, as this is the wisest approach at the place in the column where it’s located. My takeaway from today’s meeting was that the doctor was trying to impress the idea upon us that we are in a (relatively) good place, and that the hemivertebrae can be dealt with successfully. This is a relief.

Isaac nursed twice today. Angie has been doing a wonderful job pumping. She still has not caught up on her sleep, so there will be some feedings missed. The docs wanted to know whether we would rather they insert a new IV (assuming the one that is in fails at some point), or supplement with formula. We indicated that we’d rather go the formula route. Isaacs been stuck enough.

I told the nurse responsible for Isaac that I’d bought a two week parking pass, and asked her if that would be enough to get us to the point where he is released to come home. She said “maybe”. So, he’ll be in the NICU for a bit. He will, as all babies do, loose some weight over the course of the next couple of days. My assumption is that they will want to make sure that he’s gaining weight solely through breast feeding before he’s released.

Isaac’s early arrival means that we’ll have to get some things organized at home earlier than we’d planned. The most pressing issue is that Gracie now sleeps (or at least starts to sleep) in her crib. This will be where Isaac sleeps when he comes home. I’m now washing everything that needs to be cleaned so that Gracie can begin to sleep in her room upstairs. My plan is to try to get her acclimated to this new sleeping arrangement over the course of the next several days. It will not be easy. She spends most of her time in our bed, and this cannot continue.

Thanks again to everyone, especially those who’s uplifting comments that I have not necessarily responded to, but have read, on Facebook.


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  • Barb Houmard Says:

    Just wanted you to know that I’ve sent your updates on to our staff prayer group. We’re all praying for strength for you, Angie and little Isaac, as well as Gracie’s adjustment to being relocated to a new bed! Keep the faith!

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