Jude and Noah’s First Snowman

Jude and Noah's first snowman

Jude, Noah, and I went sledding yesterday. We had been waiting for some real snow to head our way, and we’re lucky enough to catch some on a weekend. Angie coordinated a plan; I brought home the boys snowpants from school, and she purchased sleds from WalMart Friday night before she came home. After swapping a loaner for our car at the Ford dealership early Saturday morning, we bundled up and headed towards the hills.

Noah was much better about climbing the hill than he was last year, which was a bit of a relief as carrying him up the hill is a bit tiring. We started out on the same section of the hill that we frequented last year. But, after around twenty minutes or so, we decided to shift to a different area of the hill, bigger of course. I made a trail and then the boys went down a couple of times. However, as is often the case with me, I felt the need to change it up a bit to keep things interesting.

Angie purchased two circular sleds, one red and the other blue. Jude has a red coat, Noah a blue one. So, I plopped by bum down on the red sled, placed my legs in front of me onto the blue sled, had Jude stand up on the red sled and hold onto my shoulders while Noah sat between my legs in front. Noah pretended that he was Thomas and Jude was the caboose. My job was to steer and create the sound effects. After a couple of rather long trips back up the hill, we decided to head in.

Noah insisted that we make a snowball before we left, so I started to make one. The snow was perfect for packing and so I asked the boys if they’d like to make a snowman (they’ve been watching a cartoon version of Frosty the Snowman over and over for the last couple of weeks) and they agreed. We ended up making a pretty big snowman, their first and my first in ages. We used small pieces of pine for his “bushy eyes”, a pine cone for his nose, and sticks for his crooked smile and arms.

After finishing, Noah insisted that we “dance around Frosty”. Jude wasn’t interested, but I gave in and made a fool of myself. Good thing that we built the snowman in the back of the house. I’m pretty sure the only people who saw me were the boys. I hope anyway. I snapped the picture just before we went in.

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