Charlotte Rose

Charlotte Rose is born

I awoke this morning to a text message from Mom telling me that Charles and Laurie had went to Wooster Hospital during the middle of the night and that Laurie was in labor. Angie was tired, but I let her know and we decided to (slowly) get ready to head north. At around eleven we arrived at Bob Evans and ate breakfast. Text messages were arriving virtually by the minute, each updating the situation. Things were not progressing as quickly as originally thought. Good I thought, more time to eat.

Eight hours later, Charlotte Rose was born. During that time, Angie and I took turns holding Grace, the boys and I twice visited the playground outside of the hospital, I watched the end of the NASCAR race, and read up on the political news of the day. It was an impressive ordeal, epic I said after the fact. Laura spent the last two hours or so inside with Laurie and Charles as the final stages of pushing unfolded. After the Charlotte was born, Terry went back, then mom, then the boys, dad, and I.

Laurie was visibly exhausted, as was Charles to a lesser extent. We spent around fifteen minutes, as everyone needed to rest. Gracie and the boys did exceptionally well, until we got in the car, a transition which triggered a chorus of cries for the duration of the ride back home.

Angie took some images of Charlotte Rose and others. They can be viewed here.

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