Midnight Mass

It’s been a busy week. We spend a lot of time last weekend in Apple Creek with Angie’s family. Theresa and Jenny were home and the Hooks came up for Christmas. You haven’t really parented until you’ve taken a two and three year old to midnight mass after a full day of opening presents. Wow! We arrived fifteen minutes early to find that the church was already filled. I was kinda’ happy about this, as I thought that standing in the back of the church would allow us to move around with the boys if we needed to. Well, moving around helped for a little while, but by the time the readings started, the boys were ready to run around. I took Noah downstairs, as he as getting a little more upset, but he was having none of it. He wanted to get down and run around. He started crying which made things even worse.

Not ten minutes later Angie came down with Jude. At this point we kind of knew that our goal was to simply make it though the mass. We went into the downstairs reception hall where only a couple of families were watching mass on the large television. Of course, Jude and Noah wanted to climb on the benches and run through the rows of chairs that had been set up for the overflow. We went upstairs for communion, but then came back down right away. By the end of the service, both of the boys had their shoes off. They were still trying to run around. Angie and I wrapped them in blankets and took them out to the car. We didn’t even try to catch up with the Lackman’s to say goodnight.

The next morning (Christmas morning) we went up to the Lackman’s after we’d opened gifts (a subject for a separate post). Joe Lackman pointed out how few parents had choose to take their young children to midnight mass. I wonder if there was a message hidden in that comment…

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