Mar 30 2008


Daddy and Jude planting a Dawn Redwood

Angie, the boys and I spent the afternoon planting three Dawn Redwood trees on our property. We’d purchased these last fall from the OARDC, and they spent the winter in large pots in front of out apartment. I bought Jude and Noah little shovels at Wal-Mart before we went, so they had fun playing in the dirt.

These are beautiful trees. They were thought to be extinct for many years, then were discovered in the middle part of the twentieth century. We hope that they take root. Angie took pictures, you can check them out here.


Mar 21 2008

Kathy’s Birthday Party

Terry, Jude, and Noah sing happy birthday to Kathy

Jude, Noah, and I spent some time over at the Hanlon’s last night, as it was Kathy’s birthday. After eating dinner at our place, then visiting a little bit with Grandpa, Uncle Ray and Aunt Linda, we followed Mom and Dad over at around 7:30 in the evening. The Jaeb’s come over as well, and it was great fun. Terry made a wonderfully rich chocolate cake. We spent much of the time talking about politics (of course). Terry presented Kathy a very cool drum. I took some pictures, and you can check them out here.


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