Feb 23 2008

Staiano’s and Dad’s Birthday

Dad prepares to blow out the candles with his grandkids

Ellen, Anthony, and Scarlett spent some time here over the last week or two. Lawrence and Laura Jeanne come out for a shorter period of time. Ellen and Scarlett were actually the only members of the group from Brooklyn to stay for the entire time as Anthony had to go back after a couple days for work. Anthony’s flying out today and then they are driving back together.

Ellen helped out a couple times watching the boys for us when Laurie had other plans. We also found out that Ellen is a pretty darn good cook. As it turns out, both Charles and Ellen seem to be good cooks who are defiantly pretty interested in cooking as a hobby. In any case, we spent several evenings together, most often at Grandpa’s house for dinner. It’s a pretty unique group of individuals, everyone helping but also having their own agenda in terms of getting work done. Most of us had our laptops and took turns watching the kids and getting work done after dinner.

We also got a visit from Casey and Dorothy this past weekend. I’ve been working to help Casey set up a new website, and Dorothy I think misses seeing everyone a little bit. Casey’s site isn’t working yet, but it should be in the near future. In any case, it was good to see them a couple of times over the course of two days. It was also very nice for Jude and Noah got to visit with Scarlett.

We all got together for Dad’s birthday over the weekend. Casey and Dorothy were there for a bit, as were Terry and Kathy. It was a fun night as it typically is when we get that group of people together. I snapped a couple of funny pictures of Laurie and Noah wearing multiple birthday hats. Also funny was Jude demanding that his piece of cake have the horse’s rear end because he wanted to “eat the horse’s butt”. This produced a pretty good laugh at the time.

The pictures I took over this week or so can be viewed here.


Feb 9 2008

Kailynn Gets Baptized

Kailynn and Father Steve

Kailynn got baptized last Sunday. A lot of the relatives showed up. The Hooks were there, as were the Musselmans sans Ray. After mass we spent several hours at the Lackman’s house, eating (a lot) and visiting. I put up some images. You can check them out here.