Jan 21 2008

Noah Turns Three

Noah blows out his candles

We had Noah’s third birthday party yesterday. Both sets of grandparents came over, along with papa. Also, the Hooks made the trek up from Columbus. The party started mid-afternoon. It was nice for Jude and Noah to get to play with Max and William. Elise is growing quickly and there are some pretty funny images of her in the gallery.

Angie spent a boatload of time working on Noah’s cake. I would argue that this was her best effort to date. A soccer ball lying on some turf. She was up to three the night before finishing (I checked out around 1:15 AM). Everyone stayed until around four or so, but he Hooks stayed and made a day out of it. The boys played until around seven, at which point it was time to journey back to C-town.

Thanks to everyone who showed up. It made for a great day. I’ve uploaded some images. You can view them in the gallery.


Jan 6 2008

Daddy and the boys go sledding

Daddy and Jude sledding

Well, the images aren’t great. In fact, the one above is probably the best. Angie was snapping photos from the window of the house using the big telephoto lens. The weight of the lens coupled with the snowflakes (leading to some “searching by the autofocus mechanism”) are to blame. In any case, there are some more if you’d like to see them.


Jan 5 2008

Charles and Laurie’s Wedding

Charles and Laurie at the rehearsal dinner

We spent the past weekend at The Lodge at Geneva on the Lake for Charles and Laurie’s wedding. We had a lot of fun. We arrived mid-afternoon on Friday. The rehearsal was around 5:30 PM. After the rehearsal we had one of the best meals we’ve ever had at Ferrente’s Winery. Of course I’m speaking for myself here, but I think everyone would agree that the meal was superb.

Charles and Laurie’s ceremony was very unique. The processional for the wedding party was Going to the Chapel, sung by Laurie’s friends. They sang throughout the ceremony and did a wonderful job. Midway through the wedding, Charles and Laurie read a children’s book, A Lovely Love Story to the audience, taking turns and then eventually speaking the last couple of pages in unison.

The reception was great fun as well. The crew from New York drove out, Delores, Maryann, Jim, Mike, and Aunt Anna. A lot of old friends attended, the Hanlons, the Buehlers, and the Haycooks. It was nice to see all of the kids play together. Lawrence and I tag-teamed the best-man speech. The majority of my night was spent taking pictures and watching the boys to make sure that they didn’t get completely out-of-control on the dance floor.

The breakfast on Sunday morning was truly exceptional. It was all-you-can-eat and the selection was impressive. Getting together in the morning like that was so nice as it allowed everyone to talk a little bit absent the thumping music of the night before. Everyone got to say goodbye and in that way provided closure.

I’ve posted some pictures from the weekend. You can check them out here.

Best wishes, Charles and Laurie.