Sep 23 2007

George and Lori’s Wedding

George and Lori on their Wedding Day

We spent late afternoon and early evening in Dayton last night as Lori and George’s got married. It was very nice and we had a great time. The ceremony itself was different and I thought it was lovely. Jude and Noah didn’t really want to spend any time sitting down for the ceremony but they made friends afterwards with some other younger children and spent the rest of the evening running around furiously. That left Angie and I juggling watching them, trying to get them to eat, visiting with other members of the family, and eating ourselves. By 8:30 it was obvious that the boys were too tired and it was time to pack up and begin the trek home. We ended up getting home around midnight. We took some pictures. You can check them out here.

Sep 4 2007

Labor Day at the Hanlons’

Andrew, Dylan, and T.J. pull a tree out of Terry's pond

We got a surprise call from Dylan Monday morning. He was on his way up to spend Labor Day with his parents and invited us over for the afternoon. Having no plans of our own, we headed over around noon. It’s always good to see Dylan and he brought along Luke, who we hadn’t seen since the winter months. T.J. was home too, as was Terry’s dad, his sister Kate and her husband Bob. We spen a lazy early afternoon watching the kids play, grilling, listening to the Tribe, and enjoying the weather.

After a while, Jude asked Dylan about the pond. As we walked down to the show Jude, Dylan mentioned that a tree had fallen during a storm and was currently half-way submerged. We then embarked on a mission to remove the tree from the depths. Luckily, Terry had a borrowed come-along which we were able to secure to a tree (actually, the base of the tree that had fallen) and slowly pull the limbs out of the water. The whole process of pulling the tree out and then cutting it up took well over an hour, but it was good fun. For a short while we were those two little boys again, on some exciting (though rather trivial) adventure.

Pictures can be found here.