Aug 29 2007

Holmesville Homecoming 2007

We spent the later part of Saturday at the Holmesville homecoming. It was a pretty good time. I got to talk to Mr. Summers (elementary principal) who laughed at my belief that it was crows raiding my bird-feeder. He described starlings which are also black (for the most part) as the more likely culprits, as crows are much larger birds. I also got to spend some time with Kathy Haycook, a long-time friend and her beautiful daughter, Natalie. Pictures can be found here.

Aug 13 2007

4-Wheeler Day

We spent Sunday riding 4-wheelers with the Hooks. Angie worked so we didn’t take the number of pictures that we took last time. I got a couple though. David and Myranda came and had a good time as well. We even got Dorothy to take a ride. I’ve added some pictures to the gallery section. You can check it out here.

Aug 4 2007

Goodbye To A Friend


Red passed away Thursday. He was a great friend and companion; playful until the end.

Walks won’t be the same without you buddy. We’ll miss you.

Aug 2 2007

[MaxBulk Mailer Delivery Report #1] Cerniglia’s Website + Michael and Megan’s Wedding

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