Jul 31 2007

Michael and Megan Cerniglia!

Michael and Megan

We spent this weekend in Virginia for Michael and Megan’s wedding. Angie got off work around 5:30 PM and we ended up getting on the road around six. Angie drove the for the first couple of hours so I could do some reading. We switched around eight and I drove the rest of the way. Dad, Lawrence, and Laura Jeanne met us at the hotel entrance around 1:00 AM. The boys got a little excited. Jude and I didn’t end up getting to sleep until around two, Angie was less lucky. Noah kept her up until around three.

I was awoken the next morning by Jude arm smacking my leg. He demanded that we go downstairs for breakfast. So, we went. When we came back, Noah was ready for Angie to take him to breakfast. Jude went again. After breakfast, we spent some time in the (rather cold) pool. After drying off, we headed back to the room and got ready to take a trip to Uncle Ray and Aunt Linda’s.

We haven’t been to visit Uncle Ray and Aunt Linda since they moved into their new house. It is very nice. It was good to talk to Tony for a little bit. It was the fist time we’d seen him since his accident in Afghanistan. After consuming some of the best pizza I’ve ever ate, we took a brief trip home to rest up before the wedding.

Our shuttle arrived at the wedding (only) several minutes early. Lawrence was having problems waking up, or quitting Harry Potter, or something. Anyway, I spent most of the ceremony chasing Noah around…and desperately hoping that he didn’t head straight for Michael and Megan. The reception was beautiful. Noah spent a lot of the time dancing. I’m a little jealous of Lawrence, Charles, and Laura Jeanne, as they got to spend some time after the reception with the rest of the Cerniglias. I know they really enjoyed themselves.

Anyway, I’ve put up a gallery with some of the images that we took. You can check them out by clicking here, or by clicking on the image of Michael and Megan above. I know I’m a little late posting this, but my school work is keeping me pretty busy. Hey, the honeymoon isn’t even over yet, so I’m not doing too bad.

Jul 15 2007

A Ride on the Canal

For a while now, my father has been telling Jude and Noah that he’s going to take them on a canal boat ride. He’s done one better. Ellen’s home with Scarlett so it was the perfect time for everyone to jump in the car and take the short trip down south. I’m not sure how many times I’ve been on the ride, but it’s always worthwhile. The boys really liked the trip, and we just made it off before the skies threatened. We took some pictures, and if you’d like you can check out the gallery.

Jul 11 2007

Scarlett’s Baptism

Anthony, Ellen, and Scarlett

Sometimes you’ve got to wonder. We took a short, two day trip to New York to see our new niece, Scarlett get baptized. Although the trip started smoothly we ran into some problems later on.

We left around 4:30 in the afternoon on Friday (June 29th) and drive straight through. I was feeling pretty good as typically we leave a lot later than we plan, and in this case we got on the road as soon as Angie got home. We arrived in Queens around 2 A.M. At this point, Angie and I were interested in going to bed (we stayed at Angie’s sisters’ place,) but the boys were so excited to see Theresa that we didn’t actually get to sleep until 3:30 or so.

We spent the morning and early afternoon visiting with Theresa and then headed over (in exceptionally heavy traffic) to Anthony and Ellen’s house. Charles, Angie, and I had purchased a Trek road-bike for Lawrence as he had just moved to New York and really likes to ride. After the initial hug and kisses, we gave him the bike, which I think he really likes. After a big dinner the guys watched the United States under-20 soccer team play Korea and the girls took the kids to the park. We met up around 9 or so at an ice cream shoppe and had a nice (tiring) time. I ended up finding a parking spot back in queens around 12:30.

Sunday morning began with Noah waking up about thirty minutes before everyone else. This was a big development because after giving the boys baths and getting ready, we were unable to locate the car keys. After 40 minutes of searching, we found them in a bag (one of many) of clothes. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the church before Scarlett was baptized. It didn’t help that I thought that the church’s name included the word Xavier and instead it was Saviour. We got into the church just after the baptism. I was not happy.

After mass (read: after we finally made our appearance) everyone headed back to the house for a catered lunch. We had to leave around two because I had class and Angie had to work on MOnday. But, we enjoyed ourselves while we were there, and from the feedback I got from Ellen and Anthony everyone else did as well. It was nice to see everyone in New York (except for Jenny, who had travelled to England to see her favorite band) and to finally get to see the Staiano’s house. And, most of all it was great to see Scarlett, the beautiful new addition to our (extended) family.