May 13 2008

Margaret Musselman’s First Communion

Margaret Musselman's First Communion

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but classes are over for a while and I wanted to get some more images up. We spent some time down in c-town (Columbus) with the Musselman’s for Margaret’s first communion. We had a great time, and it was nice to see everyone. Jude and Noah especially liked spending some time with Matthew. The ride up and back was fun, as I spent time working on a paper, and the boys got to chat (figuratively) with Sophia, who they hadn’t seen in a while. Anyway, I’ve uploaded some images, which can be viewed here.


Dec 27 2007

Christmas 2007

Stockings under the tree

I apologize for not posting in a while. I’ve been busy with graduate classes and just haven’t had the time. I missed posting some photos from Jude’s birthday. I’ll try to post a “year-in-review” post for New Year’s including some of the best images from the past year.

This part of the year is typically very busy for us as we live close to both of our families. We made to both Angie’s and my parents on Christmas eve and Christmas day. Additionally, we managed to attend midnight mass (as did both of our families) and open presents at our house on Christmas morning. Whew!

We spent the early part of Christmas eve at my parents house. The Staiano’s were in, as well and Laura Jeanne and Lawrence (also living in Brooklyn), and Laurie (who’s main focus is getting ready for her and Charles’s wedding). Dorothy and Casey were also there with their lovable (but large) dog Sampson. Angie had to work, but got off early which was very nice as it allowed her to spend some time over there as well. Before we left, we took a group picture of mom and dad with all of the kids and their spouses, and their children.

Christmas eve at the Lackman’s was very nice. Everyone other than the Musselman’s were there. Dorothy and Josh made a wonderful meal, and of course Jennifer had provided an abundance of baked goods for everyone to munch on throughout the evening. After dinner we exchanged gifts and sang Silent Night. The boys got awfully tired, and by the time we made it to the church, Jude was ready for bed. So much so, that he fell asleep after saying “hi” to Father Steve. We ended up in the basement of the church (the upstairs was full) which was a good thing. Noah spent the first part of mass wishing everyone a “happy Christmas”, and the latter half informing anyone of the family members that would listen that he wanted to go upstairs. After mass, grandma Dorothy took him upstairs to see the baby (Jesus) which made him very happy. Angie and I got to bed around 2:30 AM (the same time as the night before) after getting everything ready for the morning.

Christmas morning went smoothly. The boys woke up around 8:00 AM. After breakfast we opened gifts and then spent around an hour or so playing together. Angie helped Noah build things with his new Tinker Toys and I helped Jude get started with his Erector Set. The boys were pretty tired, so they spent some time lounging with mommy in bed before we got ready to go to Angie’s parents. Eventually we got ready to go and took the drive up to Apple Creek to say hi / bye to the Hooks, as well as to wish all of the Lackmans a merry Christmas. At around 3:30 PM we headed to my families for a Christmas dinner and more gift exchanging.

Ellen had worked all day to put together the meal, as mom wasn’t feeling well and had gifts to wrap. After dinner everyone pitched in to help clean up, then we migrated into the sun-room to exchange gifts. I must say, I was (and still am) a little overwhelmed by the amount of gifts everyone purchased for each other. I even made a list this year, and was still outperformed. Jude and Noah made out like bandits, but everyone did real well and the night was delightful. Grandma and Grandpa got the boys a Radio Flyer Wagon which, in addition to being a beautiful gift, was rather convenient as it allowed for us to package up all of their other gifts as a way of transporting them to the car. After another late night, we made it to bed around 11:00 PM. Unfortunately for Angie, she had to get up and work at 8:00 AM the next morning. The rest of us got to lounge around and take big naps. She’s recovered though, and feels much better today (two days later).

I’ve put together a compilation of the best pictures from the Christmas season. You can check them out here.

Sep 4 2007

Labor Day at the Hanlons’

Andrew, Dylan, and T.J. pull a tree out of Terry's pond

We got a surprise call from Dylan Monday morning. He was on his way up to spend Labor Day with his parents and invited us over for the afternoon. Having no plans of our own, we headed over around noon. It’s always good to see Dylan and he brought along Luke, who we hadn’t seen since the winter months. T.J. was home too, as was Terry’s dad, his sister Kate and her husband Bob. We spen a lazy early afternoon watching the kids play, grilling, listening to the Tribe, and enjoying the weather.

After a while, Jude asked Dylan about the pond. As we walked down to the show Jude, Dylan mentioned that a tree had fallen during a storm and was currently half-way submerged. We then embarked on a mission to remove the tree from the depths. Luckily, Terry had a borrowed come-along which we were able to secure to a tree (actually, the base of the tree that had fallen) and slowly pull the limbs out of the water. The whole process of pulling the tree out and then cutting it up took well over an hour, but it was good fun. For a short while we were those two little boys again, on some exciting (though rather trivial) adventure.

Pictures can be found here.

Jan 6 2007

Family Photo

Just wanted to get this up today. We had a nice get together on the Cerniglia side last night. It wasn’t a real big deal, but we did get a group photo of the kids and their significant others. I had mom take a picture with our new camera. If you’ve checked out that link, you should understand that this is a fairly significant camera. It doesn’t come with “picture modes” or the like. Anyway, we’ve been playing around with low light photography since we also purchased some “fast” lenses. To make a long story short, the photo that I’ve attached is the best we got. I should have had mom take one with the flash, but I was just trying to get her to be able to take the picture correctly. Anyway, here it is. Hope you like…

Kid Cerniglias

Jan 6 2007

Midnight Mass

It’s been a busy week. We spend a lot of time last weekend in Apple Creek with Angie’s family. Theresa and Jenny were home and the Hooks came up for Christmas. You haven’t really parented until you’ve taken a two and three year old to midnight mass after a full day of opening presents. Wow! We arrived fifteen minutes early to find that the church was already filled. I was kinda’ happy about this, as I thought that standing in the back of the church would allow us to move around with the boys if we needed to. Well, moving around helped for a little while, but by the time the readings started, the boys were ready to run around. I took Noah downstairs, as he as getting a little more upset, but he was having none of it. He wanted to get down and run around. He started crying which made things even worse.

Not ten minutes later Angie came down with Jude. At this point we kind of knew that our goal was to simply make it though the mass. We went into the downstairs reception hall where only a couple of families were watching mass on the large television. Of course, Jude and Noah wanted to climb on the benches and run through the rows of chairs that had been set up for the overflow. We went upstairs for communion, but then came back down right away. By the end of the service, both of the boys had their shoes off. They were still trying to run around. Angie and I wrapped them in blankets and took them out to the car. We didn’t even try to catch up with the Lackman’s to say goodnight.

The next morning (Christmas morning) we went up to the Lackman’s after we’d opened gifts (a subject for a separate post). Joe Lackman pointed out how few parents had choose to take their young children to midnight mass. I wonder if there was a message hidden in that comment…