Jan 7 2009

Jude and Noah’s First Soccer Practice

Jude and Noah's First Soccer Practice

Jude and Noah had their first “soccer practice” last evening at Acres of Fun in Wooster. Angie didn’t have to work, so she picked up the boys after naps and met soon after I was finished at the Career Center. We headed up to the Lodi Outlets to look for some soccer shoes for the boys. It turns out that the Adidas outlet had a decent selection of shoes, but the smallest size that they carried was eleven. We got two pairs of cheepies for the boys, and some clothing for Angie and myself, then headed back towards Wooster.

Both Jude and Noah got very excited when they entered the building and saw the turf. We changed in the bathroom then headed back to the field. The coaches, two middle-aged women, put the kids through their paces. They did some stretching, some dribbling, and some ball skills. The focus of the night was “no hands” and “keeping the ball close” when dribbling. The “no hands” rule was observed by pretty much everyone; the “keeping the ball close” rule was more problematic. However, it was nice to see Jude and Noah be so comfortable dribbling.

I was especially impressed with Jude’s overall ability in terms of dribbling and controlling the ball. I was equally impressed with Noah’s athletic ability, as he tends to lift his knees abnormally high when he runs, making him faster than he would otherwise be. The evening ended with a game in which half of the kids had scrimmage vests tucked into their shorts while the others tried to capture these by chasing them down. Both of the boys were visibly exhausted afterwards, and were quite cranky for the remainder of the evening.

In preparing for the evening, Angie had put together a bag of athletic type clothes for the boys to change into after school. I advised (unwisely) to include shorts and then, even more absent-mindedly, did not put the sweats back over the shorts when I had them get ready for practice. So Noah, who tends to jump around and fall a lot, ended up with some minor strawberries which were especially painful in the shower afterwards.

Unfortunately, I will be starting coursework again in two weeks, and those days correspond to the days in which Jude and Noah have soccer. Angie will be able to bring them once every three weeks, but I’m hoping that Dad or Mom will be able to help out on the other nights. I didn’t realize that this was going to be a problem until after I signed the boys up for the classes.

For our family and friends, some photos of Jude and Noah at their first ever soccer practice have been added to the gallery.