Sep 15 2008

Gracie Gets Baptized

Gracie Gets Baptized

Gracie was baptized on August 31st, 2008. Angie and I choose Lawrence and Jenny to be her Godparents. Father Steve presided over the ceremony. The Hooks and Musselmans came up from Columbus, and everyone that lives close by showed up as well. The most appealing thing about the way the baptism unfolded was that Jude and Noah were able to be on the alter as it occurred. Of course, they found the entire event very interesting. We did run into some problems as, at one point, Noah felt the need to make sure Father Steve knew that he was the brother that would get to blow out the candle.

Afterwards, everyone spent a good part of the afternoon at the Lackman’s, where a fair amount of political discussion took place, in addition to the more traditional conversations that one would expect after such an event.

Thanks to Charles for taking pictures during the ceremony. A gallery of images can be viewed here.

Sep 14 2008

Images From Summer 2008

I’ve been absent here for the last bit, mostly because I’ve taken a new position at school (Dean of Students), soccer has started, and I’m back at Kent State taking classes. However, I’ve managed to put together some galleries of images that Angie and I have taken over this period of time. They’re listed below.

I hope you like. And, I’ll try to post more often now that I’ve got some more time. Look for another post with images from Grace’s Baptism later today.

Jun 5 2008

Grace Catherine Cerniglia

Gracie and Mommy minutes after birth

Grace Catherine Cerniglia was born at 8:19 PM on Wednesday, June 3rd. She weighed 6 pounds and 9 ounces and measured 19 inches in length. We are so excited to have this healthy baby girl join our family. A short summary of the days events follows.

We woke up early in the morning, as Angie was expected to arrive at Akron General around 8:00 AM. The first order of business was to fill out an enormous amount of paperwork. Induction via Pitocen began around 10:30 AM. Contractions started at 11:40 AM. The doctor broke Angie’s water around 1:00 PM, and the contractions began to get stronger. The anesthesiologist administered an epidural at around 5:00 PM as Angie was getting uncomfortable, and a little discouraged as labor wasn’t progressing as fast as she’d have liked. However, things began to pick up rather quickly, and around 7:15 PM Angie is 6 cm. In just 20 minutes, she moved to 9 cm and the doctor is paged to return to the hospital. After the doctor arrived at around 8:00 PM, we were transferred quickly into a special delivery room just in case our baby had any problems immediately following delivery. Grace Catherine was delivered and showed no signs of abnormalities. We were back in the room by 9:00 PM and Grace was feeding by 9:15 PM. The rest of my side of the family came the visit briefly before returning home, as did I around 10:00 PM.

Jude, Noah, and I visited mommy and Grace for several hours today. The boys have a hard time in that environment, as the like to press buttons, of which there are plenty to press. I checked out The Lion King for them to watch, which helped a little. Gracie really likes to be with mommy. She wakes easily and I can tell that there is going to be an adjustment period as the boys behavior naturally creates loud noises which disturb Grace and wake her.

Mommy and Gracie will come home tomorrow (today actually, as I’m writing this after midnight). Jude and Noah are handling this change with great understanding. I am very excited as I’ve always hoped that I would be blessed to experience fathering both a son and a daughter. Of course, Angie and I are now playing “zone defense” as we are outnumbered by our own children :-).

Images from the last two days can be viewed here.


Jun 3 2008

Max Hook Turns Five

Max takes a bite of cake

We spent Saturday at the Hook’s for Max’s fifth birthday party. It was a bigger event, with friends from school invited as well. Stephanie, Madelaine, Margaret, and Matthew came over as well. It was pretty hectic early on, as Josh had set up a water inflatable water slide and the kids were going crazy (coming down in pairs, not waiting for others to get off the slide before descending, jumping rather than sliding). It was all good fun, but monitoring was more of an active task.

Later on, after people had dinner, some people began to leave and the mood become more relaxed. We ended up staying ‘till nine or so. Steph and the kids left a little earlier, but we wanted to get the kids baths before the long trek home. The boys had a great time and were ready to go back as soon as we left the driveway. In any case, photos were taken and can be viewed here.


Jun 1 2008

Bike Rides and Rocket Ships

Charles shoots off a rocket for the boys

I’ve got two sets of images to upload in the next day or so. This first set is comprised of some images taken while Laura Jeanne was here and took the boys and their bikes up to the Training Center to ride. The second set is from the next day (I believe) when Angie and I went up to do the same. The remainder are a series of three I took as the boys ran down the hill in the back of the house, and a couple taken of Charles shooting off a rocket for them.

Check ‘em out


Apr 6 2008

First Bike Ride of 2008

Noah swings

Jude, Noah, and I took our first bike ride of the year today. My major finding: they’re getting heavier. Either that, or my biking legs have gone away over the winter. I’m guessing it’s a little of both. We ended up at Holmesville Elementary, or as they call it, “Grandpa’s school”. We sent around forty-five minutes there before we left, as Noah had to get home to use the bathroom.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like spring. I saw a lot of green on the ride. There were a lot of people out too. I took some pictures, you can check them out by following this link.


Mar 30 2008


Daddy and Jude planting a Dawn Redwood

Angie, the boys and I spent the afternoon planting three Dawn Redwood trees on our property. We’d purchased these last fall from the OARDC, and they spent the winter in large pots in front of out apartment. I bought Jude and Noah little shovels at Wal-Mart before we went, so they had fun playing in the dirt.

These are beautiful trees. They were thought to be extinct for many years, then were discovered in the middle part of the twentieth century. We hope that they take root. Angie took pictures, you can check them out here.


Jan 21 2008

Noah Turns Three

Noah blows out his candles

We had Noah’s third birthday party yesterday. Both sets of grandparents came over, along with papa. Also, the Hooks made the trek up from Columbus. The party started mid-afternoon. It was nice for Jude and Noah to get to play with Max and William. Elise is growing quickly and there are some pretty funny images of her in the gallery.

Angie spent a boatload of time working on Noah’s cake. I would argue that this was her best effort to date. A soccer ball lying on some turf. She was up to three the night before finishing (I checked out around 1:15 AM). Everyone stayed until around four or so, but he Hooks stayed and made a day out of it. The boys played until around seven, at which point it was time to journey back to C-town.

Thanks to everyone who showed up. It made for a great day. I’ve uploaded some images. You can view them in the gallery.


Jan 6 2008

Daddy and the boys go sledding

Daddy and Jude sledding

Well, the images aren’t great. In fact, the one above is probably the best. Angie was snapping photos from the window of the house using the big telephoto lens. The weight of the lens coupled with the snowflakes (leading to some “searching by the autofocus mechanism”) are to blame. In any case, there are some more if you’d like to see them.


Dec 27 2007

Christmas 2007

Stockings under the tree

I apologize for not posting in a while. I’ve been busy with graduate classes and just haven’t had the time. I missed posting some photos from Jude’s birthday. I’ll try to post a “year-in-review” post for New Year’s including some of the best images from the past year.

This part of the year is typically very busy for us as we live close to both of our families. We made to both Angie’s and my parents on Christmas eve and Christmas day. Additionally, we managed to attend midnight mass (as did both of our families) and open presents at our house on Christmas morning. Whew!

We spent the early part of Christmas eve at my parents house. The Staiano’s were in, as well and Laura Jeanne and Lawrence (also living in Brooklyn), and Laurie (who’s main focus is getting ready for her and Charles’s wedding). Dorothy and Casey were also there with their lovable (but large) dog Sampson. Angie had to work, but got off early which was very nice as it allowed her to spend some time over there as well. Before we left, we took a group picture of mom and dad with all of the kids and their spouses, and their children.

Christmas eve at the Lackman’s was very nice. Everyone other than the Musselman’s were there. Dorothy and Josh made a wonderful meal, and of course Jennifer had provided an abundance of baked goods for everyone to munch on throughout the evening. After dinner we exchanged gifts and sang Silent Night. The boys got awfully tired, and by the time we made it to the church, Jude was ready for bed. So much so, that he fell asleep after saying “hi” to Father Steve. We ended up in the basement of the church (the upstairs was full) which was a good thing. Noah spent the first part of mass wishing everyone a “happy Christmas”, and the latter half informing anyone of the family members that would listen that he wanted to go upstairs. After mass, grandma Dorothy took him upstairs to see the baby (Jesus) which made him very happy. Angie and I got to bed around 2:30 AM (the same time as the night before) after getting everything ready for the morning.

Christmas morning went smoothly. The boys woke up around 8:00 AM. After breakfast we opened gifts and then spent around an hour or so playing together. Angie helped Noah build things with his new Tinker Toys and I helped Jude get started with his Erector Set. The boys were pretty tired, so they spent some time lounging with mommy in bed before we got ready to go to Angie’s parents. Eventually we got ready to go and took the drive up to Apple Creek to say hi / bye to the Hooks, as well as to wish all of the Lackmans a merry Christmas. At around 3:30 PM we headed to my families for a Christmas dinner and more gift exchanging.

Ellen had worked all day to put together the meal, as mom wasn’t feeling well and had gifts to wrap. After dinner everyone pitched in to help clean up, then we migrated into the sun-room to exchange gifts. I must say, I was (and still am) a little overwhelmed by the amount of gifts everyone purchased for each other. I even made a list this year, and was still outperformed. Jude and Noah made out like bandits, but everyone did real well and the night was delightful. Grandma and Grandpa got the boys a Radio Flyer Wagon which, in addition to being a beautiful gift, was rather convenient as it allowed for us to package up all of their other gifts as a way of transporting them to the car. After another late night, we made it to bed around 11:00 PM. Unfortunately for Angie, she had to get up and work at 8:00 AM the next morning. The rest of us got to lounge around and take big naps. She’s recovered though, and feels much better today (two days later).

I’ve put together a compilation of the best pictures from the Christmas season. You can check them out here.