Nov 17 2008

Three Birthdays and a Trip to the Farm

Jude blows out his candles

Well, needless to say I’ve been busy. Since I’ve last posted we’ve had several birthday parties, Sophia’s, Jude’s, and Kailynn’s. The family also visited Ramseyer’s farm, which is sort of a celebration of Autumn. I’m working on putting together a combination of all of the best images we’ve taken since we got the new camera (late fall, 2006) but it’s taking a while. Hopefully I’ll have that up by Christmas.

School is taking up a lot of time. Both schools really. My new job at the Career Center takes up much more time than teaching, and I have little freedom to work on anything other than dealing with the discipline issues that arise. And, I’m taking two classes at Kent State, one of which I find terribly difficult, Statistics II.

I should be able to put together some images of Gracie soon, but I wanted to get these up and it might take a little bit more time.

‘till next time…

Sep 22 2008

Lisetta’s Second Birthday

Lisetta Turns Two

We still miss her.

Jun 3 2008

Max Hook Turns Five

Max takes a bite of cake

We spent Saturday at the Hook’s for Max’s fifth birthday party. It was a bigger event, with friends from school invited as well. Stephanie, Madelaine, Margaret, and Matthew came over as well. It was pretty hectic early on, as Josh had set up a water inflatable water slide and the kids were going crazy (coming down in pairs, not waiting for others to get off the slide before descending, jumping rather than sliding). It was all good fun, but monitoring was more of an active task.

Later on, after people had dinner, some people began to leave and the mood become more relaxed. We ended up staying ‘till nine or so. Steph and the kids left a little earlier, but we wanted to get the kids baths before the long trek home. The boys had a great time and were ready to go back as soon as we left the driveway. In any case, photos were taken and can be viewed here.


Mar 21 2008

Kathy’s Birthday Party

Terry, Jude, and Noah sing happy birthday to Kathy

Jude, Noah, and I spent some time over at the Hanlon’s last night, as it was Kathy’s birthday. After eating dinner at our place, then visiting a little bit with Grandpa, Uncle Ray and Aunt Linda, we followed Mom and Dad over at around 7:30 in the evening. The Jaeb’s come over as well, and it was great fun. Terry made a wonderfully rich chocolate cake. We spent much of the time talking about politics (of course). Terry presented Kathy a very cool drum. I took some pictures, and you can check them out here.


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Jan 21 2008

Noah Turns Three

Noah blows out his candles

We had Noah’s third birthday party yesterday. Both sets of grandparents came over, along with papa. Also, the Hooks made the trek up from Columbus. The party started mid-afternoon. It was nice for Jude and Noah to get to play with Max and William. Elise is growing quickly and there are some pretty funny images of her in the gallery.

Angie spent a boatload of time working on Noah’s cake. I would argue that this was her best effort to date. A soccer ball lying on some turf. She was up to three the night before finishing (I checked out around 1:15 AM). Everyone stayed until around four or so, but he Hooks stayed and made a day out of it. The boys played until around seven, at which point it was time to journey back to C-town.

Thanks to everyone who showed up. It made for a great day. I’ve uploaded some images. You can view them in the gallery.