Jun 3 2008

Max Hook Turns Five

Max takes a bite of cake

We spent Saturday at the Hook’s for Max’s fifth birthday party. It was a bigger event, with friends from school invited as well. Stephanie, Madelaine, Margaret, and Matthew came over as well. It was pretty hectic early on, as Josh had set up a water inflatable water slide and the kids were going crazy (coming down in pairs, not waiting for others to get off the slide before descending, jumping rather than sliding). It was all good fun, but monitoring was more of an active task.

Later on, after people had dinner, some people began to leave and the mood become more relaxed. We ended up staying ‘till nine or so. Steph and the kids left a little earlier, but we wanted to get the kids baths before the long trek home. The boys had a great time and were ready to go back as soon as we left the driveway. In any case, photos were taken and can be viewed here.


Aug 13 2007

4-Wheeler Day

We spent Sunday riding 4-wheelers with the Hooks. Angie worked so we didn’t take the number of pictures that we took last time. I got a couple though. David and Myranda came and had a good time as well. We even got Dorothy to take a ride. I’ve added some pictures to the gallery section. You can check it out here.